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Instacash Dual-Reward

Referral program  

Share a RM 50 discount code to as many friends and family as possible, and earn RM 50 cash value for EACH successful referral.

4 easy steps to get more cash value  

Step 1

instacash referral program-04.png
Receive referral code from us  

Step 2

instacash referral program-05.png
Share code with Friends and Family

Step 3

instacash referral program-06.png
Friends & family receive discounts* 

Step 4

instacash referral program-07.png
 Receive Your Reward **

Terms & conditions:

1.You must be a former customer to be eligible to refer friends or family.

2.The referral code, otherwise known as the Friends & Family (F&F) Code will be emailed to you if you are a past

   customer, or if you have just placed a successful order.

3.A successful order is defined as a placed order & subsequent successful pick-up of device by CompAsia.

4.If you have placed a successful order, please allow up to 10 business days to receive your F&F Code.

5.If you did not receive a F&F code, please send email to To request for it.

6.The F&F Code received can be used to refer as many friends & family as possible; however, you will only be entitled to

   earn one (1) reward per name/person, upon their successful order.

7.Upon successful order by friend & family, your reward code will then be emailed to you within 10 business days.  


8.Upon receipt of Reward Code, you can then to receive added cash value when you trade in your device via Instacash. 9.Each Reward Code is valid for one year 1 year after you have received it.

10.If you have successfully referred multiple friends & family, and therefor earned more than one Reward Code, you can

    “stack” or combine these rewards into one of bigger value. The value of this new Reward Code will then be the total   

    summation of all the values of the codes you wish to combine.

11.If you wish to combine your codes, please send an email to , and a new code will then be

    issued to you within 5 business days.

12.The new code will then be valid according to the issuance date of the oldest reward code among the combined       

     reward codes.

13.All codes are not valid with other discounts or promotions 

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