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Terms and Conditions


  1. You agree that your personal information is correct according to your best knowledge and you assure that you are not impersonating someone else.

  2. Company reserves the right to refuse to purchase some or all items or to limit the number of purchases at their sole discretion.

  3. Ensure that you are the legal owner of the goods.

  4. Age restriction- You must be 18 years or above to sell any electronic or electrical appliance.

  5. All the logos, texts, graphics, button icons, images, digital downloads, data compilations and software are the exclusive property of InstaCash.

  6. By providing us your phone number, you grant InstaCash permission for the use of text messages, pre-recorded voice and/or automatic telephone dialing systems to contact you and/or deliver InstaCash’s information, offers or announcements.

  7. InstaCash may amend the User Agreement and/or privacy and return policies at any time by posting a revised version on InstaCash website & app. You are advised to regularly check for any amendments or updates to the terms and conditions contained in the User Agreement and privacy and return policies.

  8. You agree that the ownership of the electronic/electrical item will pass on to us once the payment is made to you upon collection of the devices.

  9. If during direct pick-up, the details of item/gadget do not match with the ones you have provided on InstaCash, our representative will re-quote the price according to the actual condition of the item/gadget. If you agree with the new quote, we will pay you the re-quoted amount. If you do not agree with the new quoted amount, then there is no charge and you can keep your item/gadget.

  10. Disclaimer: The erasure of the data stored in your item/gadget as specified above will be performed in best endeavours and you will not be able to hold us liable for any failure, inaction or omission of any part of data erasure originates by our supplier or Original Equipment Manufacturer ("OEM").

  11. Amendment: The terms and conditions of InstaCash, may change at any time at our sole discretion without any prior notice to you. Hence, it is your responsibility to keep yourself updated with the new terms and conditions. Each order shall be governed by the terms and conditions applicable at that time. Any losses incurred by you due to your failure to keep yourself updated with the new terms and conditions shall be borne by you and we shall not be liable to for the same

  12. Indemnity: You agree and acknowledge that by sending your item/gadget to us, you agree to release us from any claims, losses or damages that may arise with respect to it, including any claims related to the ownership of the item/gadget and any data stored in it. Any data stored or contained in your item/gadget (whether in the form of personal details, SMS, photos, games, songs or other data) will be erased by us and we will not be responsible for any losses incurred by you due to the removal or loss of any such Data.


  1. Log-in: You are required log-in to InstaCash by using your mobile no., Gmail or Facebook before using InstaCash.

  2. Granting permission & access: You agree to grant InstaCash permission to access & diagnose your smartphones for functionality defects to determine the final value of your devices.

  3. Placing the order: While placing the order you agree to strictly abide by the terms and conditions of the InstaCash. After running the device diagnostic on the device you wish to sell, you will be require to declare the physical condition of your device to get the final value. If you are comfortable at selling your item/gadget at the given price, then proceed to fill-in your personal detail. You will have to select a payment option and provide us your payment detail for instant payment upon collection of devices.

  4. Home pick-up: After the order placement, our Customer Support will contact you within 12 hours to verify your order & schedule for a pick-up. Our logistic personnel will meet you at your preferred location for pick-up.

  5. Quoted price: You agree and acknowledge that item/gadget’s quoted value offered by InstaCash and is subject to changes without any prior notice made to you.

  6. Adjusted price: At the time of pick-up, if the present condition of your item/gadget does not match the make, model or conditions of the sell order, an adjusted price will be quoted to you by our logistic personnel representing the deductions according to its condition. If you are comfortable with newly quoted price, you will be requested to sign-out of all the accounts in your devices and perform a factory reset on the device you agree to sell. In a few minutes, you receive your payment via bank transfer. But if you choose to decline the newly quoted amount, then you can keep your item/gadget and there will be no extra charges.

  7. Payment: We will pay you instantly via online banking or voucher (if any) depending on your preferred selection of payment option during order placement.

  8. Cases of blacklisted item/gadgets: When you place an order on InstaCash for selling your item/gadget, you are implying that you are its legal owner. In case, it turns out that you have sold any sort of blacklisted item/gadget to us, you will be obligated to make a full refund to us on-top of the operation cost occurred to us during the collection of your devices within 7 days of notice period given by InstaCash. Failure to do so, we will proceed to lodge a police report. Also, InstaCash will not be responsible in any way for the blacklisted item/gadgets; it will be solely customer’s responsibility.

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